Your Bedtime Buddy Awaits!

Experience the calming effects of its lifelike breathing movements and soothing sounds. Say goodbye to stress and anxiety, and hello to a more peaceful night's sleep.

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  • relax

    Stress Reduction

    The gentle breathing and calming presence of the Otty can help reduce stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation.

  • sentiment_calm

    Emotional Support

    The Otty offers emotional support and comfort, acting as a soothing presence during challenging times.

  • travel

    Travel Friendly

    The compact and portable design makes Otty an ideal travel companion, offering comfort on the go.

  • breastfeeding

    Comfort Buddy

    Provides a sense of comfort and companionship, making it a comforting presence during times of stress or loneliness.

    Over 5,000+ Raving Customers

    Don't Just Hear It From Us...


    Feel more relaxed and at ease, thanks to the soothing breathing and comforting presence.


    Enjoy a deeper and more restful sleep, as the gentle rhythm of Otty's breathing helps you drift off more easily.


    Experience a reduction in stress levels, as the Otty's calming effects help you unwind and relax after a long day.

    * Results according to feedback/consumer studies.

    "Otty changed my life! I used to toss and turn all night because of my anxiety, but now, thanks to my best friend Otty, I sleep like a baby."

    Kelsey B. - Verified Buyer

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